Perler Beads (1000)
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Perler Beads (1000)

Create inspiring designs with perler beads

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Perler beads are small plastic beads with a hollow center. They come in a variety of colors and styles, arrange them in a pattern to create your own design in 2D or 3D. They are made from food-safe plastic. All beads are made in the USA. Perler beads are great for adults and kids alike
  • help children develop hand-eye coordination skills and learn color names and basic counting.
  • Perler Beads are used for hand therapy and re-developing fine motor skills.
  • Perler Beads are a learning tool. Kids use math skills for sorting, patterning and counting.
  • Perler Bead crafts are great for groups. Encourage kids to share their design ideas and open up
  • Help children develop visual abilities and imagination