You can't resist this ! ! !......Add a Sparkle to your life

Sparkle with brilliance.That’s what these vibrant votives(candle holders) tell us. Aren’t they lovely !! 

Well I know many of you must have adored them and craved for them in gift shops and lifestyle stores.Well here’s a secret…you can make them absolutely effortlessly in your home and revel in pride.When someone compliments you , tell them “I have made it " :) A great candle holder for your living room


We bring to you different designs . You would need your humble masking tape and glitter. Make sure to use very fine glitter for that perfect finish and coat it with mod podge to secure your work.

You can purchase “The Sparkling Votive” DIY box from Hobby in a Box. Check it out ! ! !


You can also purchase the quirky DIY box featuring mason jar mug from here

Happy Hobbying


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