Etching Liquid (Acid Etching 1 Ltr)
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Etching Liquid (Acid Etching 1 Ltr)

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Glass Etching liquid (1 ltrs) has following properties

  • 1 ltr of glass etching liquid will etch 90 beer bottles (pint sized)

  • It is a fast acting glass etching liquid that permanently etch designs on bottles, jars, tumblers and household glassware. Youu can create your own custom stencil or use a pre made stencil for designs.

  • This unique glass etching system allows anyone to personalize and decorate glass or bottles in minutes with no previous experience.

  • NOT recommended for use by children.

  • Recommended for etching bigger areas of glass.

  • NOT suitable for borosilicate/Pyrex glassware Or plastics.