Etching Cream (100 gms)
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Etching Cream (100 gms)

Easy-to-use Etching Cream

Brand: Hobby in a Box
Product Code: HETCH003
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DESCRIPTION: Create permanent designs on glass surfaces quickly and easily with this etching cream. This fast-acting cream helps you decorate windows, mirrors, glassware, picture frames and much more. Use it with a pre-made vinyl/plastic stencil or with a stencil you create yourself.


This fast-acting glass etching cream permanently etches designs on bottles, jars, tumblers or any other glassware. With 100 gms of this etching cream, you can etch approximately 10 medium sized glasses. Use it to personalize and decorate glasses or bottles in minutes.


  • NOT recommended for use by children.
  • NOT recommended for etching large solid areas of glass or plastics
  • NOT suitable for borosilicate or Pyrex glassware.