About Us

We Find Amazing Hobbies

At Hobby in a Box, we put learning different kinds of hobbies at your fingertips. We know time is valuable to you, and we know it's enchanting to create something of your own. We've got a fantastic team of designers who are always experimenting with new projects to deliver the very best to you.

We Send You Delightful DIY Projects

When you open your box, we want your eyes to twinkle with joy. When you make your design, we want you to feel ecstatic. To achieve this, we strive earnestly to find unique materials. We obsess on getting all the required materials in right quantities in a Box, and write fun, simple instructions that will help you create a project and define your personal style.

We Help You Make Things You Love

You get to make your own jewelry, design your own purse and create your own mini garden in office. You need not run around to get the materials rather just focus on creativity. When someone compliments you, you can say, “Thanks, I made it myself.”